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Kiri Kainamu-Wheeler | Keys, programming

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  • Played for Stan Walker's first tour of NZ in 2011
  • Played at various music and jazz festivals such as Parachute, Mission Bay, Waiheke, Tauranga, Nelson, Queenstown jazz festival.
  • Has backed Erakah, Taye Williams and Annabel Faye
  • Played for the King of Tonga in 2007
  • Good Morning show - Black Sand Diva
  • Worked with musicians from Souljah, Sons of Zion, 1814, House of Shem, Fiji, Aardijah, Aaradnah, Three Houses Down, Che Fu, Home Brew
  • Featured in album Twigs of the Neem Tree by Irish guitarist Jon Sanders
  • Pianist on Black Sand Diva's albums Chameleon and Rawahi
  • Played on album for daughter of Whirimako, Ngatapa Black, Miss Black & The Light
  • Holds a Bachelors of Music and a degree in Primary teaching
  • When not playing music Kiri is a classroom teacher for year 2 and 3 students at Clendon Park School.
  • Grew up in South Auckland and attended Kura Kaupapa