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William Scott | Drums, vocals

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By the time he was 12 years of age Willy was already a regular performer at the Okaihau Country Music Club in New Zealand’s Northland, and by 14 years of age he was performing with a working covers band based in Northland called “Trax”. Since then Willy has gone on to firmly establish himself as one of New Zealand’s top session and live performance drummers. He has toured, recorded and performed with a veritable who’s-who of New Zealand music. Willy prides himself on being a groove player, and sees that as being vital to the drummer’s role within a band.


Willie has been involved in the following Television broadcasts as a drummer:

  • 2011 “Polynesian Blue Pacific Music Awards” HALO backing NZ hip hop icon Young Sid
  • 2011 “Smoke Free Rock Quest - guest act” HALO backing NZ hip hop icon Young Sid
  • 2011 “Rise up Telethon Christchurch Earthquake Relief” HALO backing NZ hip hop icon Young Sid.

International Venues and Clients

He has worked for the following Hotels and Clients Internationally:

  • 2011 Shangri La Hotel Singapore HALO headline NYE Celebrations
  • 2010 HALO Headline Shangri La Hotel Bangkok's NYE Celebrations
  • 2006 “Golden Horse” – European Tour played major festivals throughout Europe and the UK


He has been part of the following bands:

  • 2004-2009 Sola Rosa
  • 2004 Anika Moa Band
  • 2003-2006 Dimmer
  • 2003-2004 King Kapisi


Willie has recorded with the following groups and artists:

  • 2009 “Get it Together” Album- Sola Rosa
  • 2007 “Moves” – Album Sola Rosa
  • 2007 "Sione’s wedding” - Movie Soundtrack
  • 2006 "No. 4”- Movie Soundtrack
  • 2006 “Anchor Me- Rainbow Warrior” Single Don McGlashen, Anika Moa. Che Fu, Morelle {Golden Horse}
  • 2006 “Bathe in the River” Soundtrack/Single - Hollie Smith, Don McGlashen
  • 2005 “Stolen Hill” Album - Anika Moa
  • 2004 “You Got to Hear the Music” Album - Dimmer (Rock Album of the Year - 2004 New Zealand Vodafone Music Awards)